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Amuse 2023 - Benaz Irani
Benaz Irani
Product Design Manager at OpenTable

Benaz is a design leader at OpenTable where she balances her love for design and food by driving initiatives that help restaurants thrive. Having worked in various organizations across America and Australia, she’s most alive behind a screen solving complex problems, or in front of her team supporting their growth. She’s learnt a lot in her career, and now is all about developing designers into fea...

Amuse 2023 - Giles Colborne
Giles Colborne
CEO at cxpartners

Giles Colborne has spent his career helping some of the world's most famous companies to become more user centred. In 2004 he founded cxpartners which has created over $1bn in value for its clients around the world. His book, 'Simple and Usable' has been translated into four languages and has sold over 100,000 copies....

Amuse 2023 - Adam Tillner-Smith
Adam Tillner-Smith
Product Designer

Adam is a senior product designer who has worked on digital solutions for financial regulators and fintech disruptors. He now works as a founder and freelancer helping his clients to build engaging solutions for their customers.He’s a multidisciplinary designer with previous experience designing AR solutions at Microsoft before then moving to Accenture to design enterprise software for clients suc...

Amuse 2023 - Tobias Ahlin
Tobias Ahlin
Principal Design Engineer at GitHub
Amuse 2023 - GitHub

Tobias Ahlin Bjerrome is a designer, developer, and lecturer hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. He's currently a Principal Design Engineer at GitHub, working from a small co-working space in Stockholm's Old Town. Before joining GitHub, Tobias held the position of Experience Design Director at Mojang, where he spearheaded the interaction design for Minecraft, the most sold video game of all time. Pri...

Amuse 2023 - David Dylan Thomas
David Dylan Thomas
Founder, CEO at David Dylan Thomas, LLC

David Dylan Thomas, author of Design for Cognitive Bias, creator and host of The Cognitive Bias Podcast, and a twenty-year practitioner of content strategy and UX, has consulted major clients in entertainment, healthcare, publishing, finance, and retail. As the founder and CEO of David Dylan Thomas, LLC he offers workshops and presentations on inclusive design and the role of bias in making decisi...

Amuse 2023 - Mustafa Kurtuldu
Mustafa Kurtuldu
Staff Product Designer at Meta
Amuse 2023 - Meta

Hi there 👋, I'm Mustafa - a Staff Product Designer passionate about hacking user perception, designing developer tools, and creating Design Systems that help startups and established tech companies build products their customers love.I have over twenty years of experience working as a Product Designer across multiple sectors & organizations, including Twitter, Google, Macmillan Publishing, Ba...

Amuse 2023 - Bianca Berning
Bianca Berning
Staff Typographer at Spotify

Bianca is a designer specialising in typography, type design, and type technology. She currently hold the position of Staff Typographer at Spotify. In her previous role at Dalton Maag, she successfully developed brand typefaces and intricate type systems for global clients such as Amazon, AT+T, BBC, FedEx, Indeed, Jacobs Engineering Group, Google, and Truist. Bianca frequently shares her expertise...

Amuse 2023 - Anya Ernest
Anya Ernest
Service Designer at Being Ernest / Polestar

Anya Ernest is a designer, leader, teacher and mentor. She leads an Innovation team within the sphere of a connected experience. With almost twenty five years driving digital transformation, five years of which within automotive, Anya is widely regarded as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to building strong teams and driving innovation. Anya's work focuses on creating meaningful user...

Amuse 2023 - Julian Della Mattia
Julian Della Mattia
ReOps Specialist at the180

Julian started as a Product Manager in Argentina, became a UX Researcher in Berlin and specialized in Research Ops in Barcelona.Through his agency, he has been helping tech companies all over Europe in establishing and scaling research practices, building the infrastructure and training teams in product discovery.Apart from his agency work with the180, he's currently leading the UX Research team a...

Amuse 2023 - Chen Wu
Chen Wu
Lead Product Designer at The New York Times

Chen Wu is a Lead Product Designer at The New York Times, where she designs for live coverage. Since graduating from Columbia University’s M.S. in Journalism program and having a stint as a sports reporter in Shanghai, she has designed digital and broadcast news products for news organizations such as NBC News and Ad Age magazine and has been recognized with many awards for her design work. She is...

Amuse 2023 - Jay Guillermo
Jay Guillermo
Lead Product Designer at New York Times

Jay Guillermo is a seasoned product designer in the publishing/media space. He has over 20 years experience from print to product design for a range of clients such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, Vulture, Huffington Post, Men’s Health and Awake New York. With an art director’s eye and strong typography skills, he’s brought his editorial background and attention to detail to the New York...

Amuse 2023 - Christian Bason
Christian Bason
CEO at Danish Design Center

I’m a Ph.D. and the CEO of DDC – Danish Design Center. My role entails setting direction for our strategic initiatives for mission-oriented innovation methodology, redesigning organizations, and capacity for driving societal transitions by design. I’m a frequent keynote speaker and presenter on design as a method and mindset for sustainable change at home and abroad.Previously, I was the Director ...

Amuse 2023 - Veronica Naguib
Veronica Naguib
Managing Director at ImpactSense

Veronica Naguib is the Managing Director of ImpactSense, an insights business who are disrupting the way consumer research is done today. She previously headed up CX teams, managing UX and Service Design processes. This is an important element of running a research business - understanding the need from a practitioner’s perspective and ensuring all insight is actionable. Some of the clients Veroni...

Amuse 2023 - Wendy Fox
Wendy Fox
Senior UX Manager & Design System Leader at GoTo

Wendy is a Senior UX Manager and Design System Leader at GoTo, formerly LogMeIn. She drove GoTo's in-depth research into the accessibility of online meeting tools which led to the formation of the company’s grassroots Accessibility Champions program and the position of a dedicated Accessibility Lead. Wendy also leads GoTo’s Chameleon Design System team that she helped build from scratch and now su...

Amuse 2023 - Irina Loginova
Irina Loginova
Delivery Manager at EPAM

Irina Loginova has 10 years+ experience in managing both software and infrastructure projects using waterfall, agile and hybrid approaches. In 2022 she was recognized as a value creator and received a CEO Award for bringing great results to the customers, strengthening company’s authority on the market and winning new engagements. Successful establishment and maintaining data-driven delivery helpe...

Amuse 2023 - Maryna Didkovska
Maryna Didkovska
Quality Engineering Director at EPAM

Maryna Didkovska is a Quality Engineering Director at EPAM Systems. As a Test Manager, Delivery manager and Software automation engineer, Maryna has managed teams to build scalable testing process on a projects with over 600 participants , develop testing ecosystems on Enterprise level, find solutions to quality architectural challenges, and coached others be experts and leaders. Being PhD in Soft...

Amuse 2023 - Gábor Nádai aka Mefi
Gábor Nádai aka Mefi
Engineering Director at Bitrise

Engineering Director at Bitrise. Before that, he was VP of Engineering at ingatlancom. He’s been a successful blogger since 2005 touching both professional and unofficial matters. He is the founder of the Leadership Meetup Budapest group and member of the Stretch Conference expert team. In 2018, he was awarded Young Leader of the Year in the Hungarian SME sector....

Amuse 2023 - Karolina Tóth aka Fancy
Karolina Tóth aka Fancy
Freelance IT Culture & Communications Consultant, Coach

Freelance IT Culture & Communications Consultant, Coach - she’s been in the Hungarian IT sector for 8 years and has been working for 17 (hard for her to admit). She’s a subject matter expert in the Stertch conference organizer’s team and she hosts the successful Level-up Engineering podcast, interviewing internationally known IT leaders biweekly....

Amuse 2023 - David Schneidhoffer aka Kispocok
David Schneidhoffer aka Kispocok
Engineering Manager at Hopin

Husband, dad, and a spaniel owner all at once. Index.hu, Ustream/IBM, Bitrise alumnus. Right now he works as an engineering manager leading the DevEx Platform team of Hopin’s StreamYard. Professional beginner-surfer....

Amuse 2023 - Ádám Wittmann
Ádám Wittmann
Driver Experience Group Leader at Bosch

Adam is in the Automotive SW industry for more, than 7 years now. His focus is on ensuring project delivery and meeting project goals, while building and keeping sustainably working teams. Working for 5+ years in Driver Assistance field he has background in SW development, team coaching and technical leadership, delivering road safety features to several manufacturers. Currently he is leading a gr...

Amuse 2023 - Nassim Ibrouchene
Nassim Ibrouchene
Head of Product Line Radar at Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary

Nassim boasts over 10 years of extensive experience in the ADAS domain with a primary focus on the development of the perception software stack for RADAR sensors. His work spans over more than 3 generations of RADAR sensors at Continental, delivering results to countless vehicle manufacturers worldwide.He is currently serving as the Head of the Product Line Radar Organization in Budapest....

Amuse 2023 - Alice Walther-Wosnitzka
Alice Walther-Wosnitzka
Employee Portal Manager at ZEISS

Alice Walther-Wosnitzka, originally a political scientist, has been working at ZEISS for 16 years - a great company, as she says, not only with great products, but also with a broad opportunity to develop oneself. And that's very important to her when you're at home in a company for a long time. Today, she is responsible as a product owner for the global employee portal and enterprise search, wher...

Amuse 2023 - Zsolt Vadócz
Zsolt Vadócz
Head of Digitalisation at K&H

Zsolt graduated in economics, but throughout his 20-year career he has always worked close to IT and innovation. He was responsible for delivery of major projects, project office and then management of the entire IT area in a commercial bank for 10+ years. Currently, he leads the Innovation Directorate of K&H, where he and his team work on the development of "classic" digital channels and the ...

Amuse 2023 - Abhash Sinha
Abhash Sinha
NLP Engineer at ZEISS

Abhash Sinha is an experienced Artificial Intelligence professional with a Master's degree in the field. He is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and has an extensive work experience in NLP domain. He has recently joined Zeiss as an NLP Engineer, where his focus is primarily on LLMs and their application. He is also an avid traveler who relishes exploring the diverse landscapes and cultures ...

Amuse 2023 - Zoltán Tar
Zoltán Tar
Enterprise Architect at K&H Bank

Zoltan has 25 years+ experience with 18 years+ of architecture experiences. He is a member of the K&H Enterprise Architecture team, working on various strategic topics, including startegic target architecture, EA team internal communication, EA repositories, etc. and also supporting the new K&H IT capabilities required for Rapid Business Solutions....

Amuse 2023 - Ádám Gajdi
Ádám Gajdi
Head of Solution in ICT Digital Directorate at K&H Bank

Ádám has 15 years+ experience in IT solution delivery addressing customer needs. He is now leading the solution team of ICT Digital Directorate at K&H Bank. His mission is to design and deliver innovative solutions for bank customers....

Amuse 2023 - Gergely Barthó
Gergely Barthó
Head of Digital Innovation Solutions Development at K&H Bank

Gergely has 25+ years of experience in IT in various positions and sectors. He has delivered IT solutions in healthcare, telecommunications and banking. Gergely and his team are currently responsible for the design and implementation of innovative IT solutions in the digital channels domain, including mobile banking and e-banking, as well as for Kate, the digital assistant of K&H....

Amuse 2023 - Dénes Ozorai
Dénes Ozorai
Head of ICT Development at K&H Bank
Amuse 2023 - K&H Bank

Dénes, with 20 years of experience in the IT and Financial(Banking) sector, is an accomplished professional known for strategic ICT planning, budget management, and project leadership. His expertise encompasses integrated banking solutions, ICT Operations and DEVOPS transformations, reflecting his commitment to driving efficiency improvements and lean transformations in organizations....

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