Covid taught us that we have to be prepared for everything. Despite the fact that Hungary’s vaccination statistics are appropriate, and therefore we are optimistic that we will have the chance to meet you in person at Amuse, we are preparing for the worst case scenario as well. That is why in this section we summarize some important information about what would happen in case new restrictions were introduced in Hungary, making it impossible for us to organize Amuse Conference’s in-person edition.

What is going to happen in case the Covid situation gets worse in Hungary during the autumn?

Thanks to our hybrid form we could be flexible if this situation occurred. In case the Hungarian restrictions won’t let us organize Amuse Conference in person, or we deem it too high of a risk to have an in-person event, the whole conference is going to be held online.

What is going to happen if I purchase an in-person conference ticket but the event will be held online because of Covid?

In this situation all of your in-person tickets would automatically become online tickets and we would provide you a free extra online ticket for each of the in-person tickets you purchased. For instance if you bought 3 in-person Regular tickets you would get 6 online tickets for exchange. You could use these extra tickets for any conferences organized by CraftHub in the next 12 months (this includes Amuse Conference 2021, Crunch Conference 2021, Impact Conference 2021, Stretch Conference 2021, Reinforce Conference 2022, Craft Conference 2022, Amuse Conference 2022, Crunch Conference 2022 and Impact Conference 2022).

How would I get my free extra online ticket(s) if the in-person part of the conference was cancelled?

If the in-person part of Amuse Conference was cancelled we would contact everyone who bought in-person tickets in an email containing all the necessary information on how you can acquire your free extra online ticket(s).

Organizing an event is extremely challenging under these uncertain circumstances. We hope you understand the reasons behind our decisions. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

If you have any further questions or you have any comments please feel free to contact us at