Christiaan Maats

Christiaan Maats

Christiaan Maats

Sustainable Designer & Co-Creator


How do we create a better world, from person to brand to product? Christiaan Maats is an award winning Dutch product designer, entrepreneur and educator who has put this question at the center of his work.

In 2008 he created OAT Shoes, the world’s first 100% biodegradable shoes that bloom. After 7 years of trailblazing in the footwear market, he further explored the idea behind this innovation, which lead to a popular TEDx-talk called "How Product Design Can Change the World".

Christiaan now uses his experience and ideas to guide businesses towards sustainable value propositions that can truly make a difference: from lectures, to programmed workshops to open-form process facilitation.


How Product Design Can Change the World