Kasey Canlas

Kasey Canlas

Kasey Canlas

UX Research Operations Leader


Kasey leads UX Research Operations at a global leader in cloud customer experience. Processes that scale are key as she supports a UX research team that has tripled over the past year and democratized research for 55+ UX designers. Kasey previously led UX Research Operations at McGraw Hill, where she was a founding member of the DesignOps task force, which standardized and operationalized processes for a 50+ cross-functional team, saving thousands of work hours. Kasey knows the value of creating cross-functional relationships across the organization to proactively identify opportunities for collaboration and optimize existing processes.


Protecting Your Participants, Team, and Organization with ReOps


While Kasey has always cared about protecting research participants, recent updates to data privacy laws led her to examine the current research processes to establish safeguards and best practices around handling participants' data. Kasey is excited to share her experience identifying potential data privacy issues and finding solutions for compliant research practices. For her talk at AmuseUX, Kasey will give actionable steps for the audience to build a secure data-privacy-compliant research practice. The audience will learn how to evaluate existing processes, what information to document, and essential steps and best practices to add to your strategy.