Amuse Conference

International UX and UI Hybrid Conference as part of the Compass Tech Summit

October 5-6, 2023
More than a conference...

Amuse Conference this year will be not only organized as an individual conference but as part of something new. Compass Tech Summit will bring together under one roof several tech conferences, such as Stretch, Reinforce, Crunch, and Impact with topics like engineering leadership, UX/UI, data, AI and product management.

  • 5in1 conference

    This time you have the chance to join 4 other conferences along with Amuse Conference. How? Stretch, Reinforce, Crunch, Amuse and Impact conferences are going to be at the same time and same venue, so you can get a holistic experience.

  • Latest trends in UX

    Learn about the latest trends in the topic of UX and UI from top notch speakers. Deepen your knowledge in AI powered design, design system, product personalization, ethical design or sustainability to elevate your business.

  • Inspiring speakers

    Amuse Conference has industry leading experts who are coming from companies like Netflix, Shopify, Google, LinkedIn or Meta. They are all ready to share their experiences and great knowledge to help you succeed.

Who is it for?

The perfect place for:

  • UX practitioners

  • Product managers

  • Frontend developers

  • Designers or market researchers of digital products

  • UX/UI architects

or simply anyone who is interested in what's happening on the other side of the screen.

Compass Tech Summit in numbers
Why people love Amuse Conference?
Amuse 2023 - Vlado
"Amuse Conference is amazing. I am coming back every year. Great speakers, venue and catering."
Product Designer/
Amuse 2023 - Continental
Amuse 2023 - Bosch
Amuse 2023 - EPAM
Amuse 2023 - K&H
Amuse 2023 - ZEISS
Amuse 2023 - Diligent
Amuse 2023 - Ericsson
Amuse 2023 - Neuron Solutions
Amuse 2023 - SAP
Amuse 2023 - Shapr3D
Amuse 2023 - greehill
Amuse 2023 - Ekata
Amuse 2023 - Hearsay
Amuse 2023 - Lufthansa Systems
Amuse 2023 - Mother Duck
Amuse 2023 - Turbine
Professional Partners
Amuse 2023 - 6x6 Taxi
Amuse 2023 - ApiumHub
Amuse 2023 - ApiX-Drive
Amuse 2023 - Colossyan
Amuse 2023 - DevITJobs
Amuse 2023 - IVSZ
Amuse 2023 - McKinsey Digital
Amuse 2023 - Qubit Labs
Amuse 2023 - Startup Hungary
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Amuse conference is organized by Crafthub
A hub making knowledge available and helping tech crafters to continuously improve their skills. Today, this organization is a multifaceted IT event management company with a diverse portfolio of conferences, hackathons, developer competitions, meetups and workshops both online and offline.
Amuse 2023 - Crafthub
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Amuse 2023 - IBM lab
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